We begun in 1992 as a small carpentry shop for the local community. In 1994 under the name "Sequoia" Ltd., we expanded the production capacity and the scale of the operations have surpassed the local community. At that time we had 30 employees producing furniture for the Bulgarian market. In 2002 the company has acquired a small carpentary shop and changed the name to "BMK Sequoia" ltd.

Five years later, after significant changes in the structure of the entity, the company has been renamed to "K2" Ltd. At this time we have expanded our capacity almost threefold by purchasing new machines, moving to new production plant and broaden the team up to 73 employees. In 2010 we have opened a brand new lacquering facility for the production of lacquered and stained furniture.


In 2013 we have heavily invested in our flat-pack furniture line. We have added number of machines to optimise our production line - Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine "Robopac"; CNC "Busellatio Easy Jet"; Automatic Beam Saw "Gabbiani" etc.

In 2013-2014 the company has successfully implemented a project "Introduction of energy efficient equipment in K2 ltd." part of the Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy" 2007-2013.

Since 2014 K2 ltd. is a proud member of SEDEX   sedex-logo

K2 Ltd. is a member of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry.

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